Health Plan Consulting and Design

Public Speaking: Motivation & Health Benefits

Our years of experience and nationwide networking represents a "one-stop" opportunity for health plan sponsors desiring to move their benefit plans to a "Value Based" design. Miall Consulting represents access the best minds in the business all over the United States, and award winning strategies to work directly with people who have not only succeeded in taking control of their health care costs, but have excelled. Our work with self funded plans, fully insured groups, agents, brokers, etc. has achieved tremendous success and client satisfaction.

Miall Consulting, unlike most consulting businesses is not promising the solution to every problem you have. Nobody has that "magic recipe" for every solution. Rather, Miall Consulting represents access to the resources you need to improve your health plan strategies depending on your needs, location, corporate culture, and risk tolerance. One size solutions do not "fit all."

Our strategy to "Measure, Measure, Measure" is key to your success. We work with our clients to develop strategies that work; Implement those strategies; Measure outcomes; And, make adjustments for continuing success. The ultimate PDCA, for VBBD.

We seek long-term relationships with our clients to assure our work, and your successes are measured and proving successful over the short and long term.

Please see the testimonials below from some of our clients, and colleagues. And, let us know what we can do to make your commitment to Value Based design more successful.

Miall Consulting works with the foremost thinkers and leaders in the health care industry to affect improved outcomes and less costly models for care. In the course of that work Miall Consulting is proud to acknowledge the relationships with, and to recommend the following people and organizations who share our commitment to excellence: