John P. Miall, Jr.

John Miall is the President of Miall Consulting and is a Co-founder of the highly acclaimed and award winning Asheville Project®. He is a highly sought consultant and speaker on health care and disease management particularly in the fields of Risk Management, Health Benefits, Disease Management and innovations in care plans.Mr. Miall was previously the Director of Risk Management with the City of Asheville, N.C. This highly responsible position included major operational and budget responsibilities for city-wide self-funded liability programs. His department was a major source of contact for public complaints relating to services. John also worked closely with other city departments, the City Manager, in both an advisory and operational capacity to assess the City's exposure to liability, as well as loss prevention, and loss control. This position also worked closely on a daily basis with citizens, physicians, medical facilities, attorneys, and community groups to minimize exposure of City assets to accidental loss.

Mr. Miall has many notable accomplishments including President of Asheville Claims Corporation; City Manager's appointee/designee to the Police and Firefighters Local Supplemental Pension Review Board; Negotiated and secured the first direct contracts for discount pricing with local hospitals in community history; negotiated first PPO agreement with area physicians; Created first managed care system for mental health benefits in 1985, resulting in savings of over $90,000 during first year; Management of Employee Benefit Trust that resulted 18 years of accrued savings in the trust account of 3.1MM, allowing the City to keep group health rates stable for five years, and representing lowest cost among municipalities in N.C.; Cut actual expenses for City's property / casualty insurance premiums by a cumulative total of $8.2MM between 1993 and 2003, while increasing protective limits fifteen fold; Co-Founder and partner in The Asheville Project ®, an innovative disease management initiative involving pharmacists in a collaborative care model improving patient care, and lowering costs of patient care; President, Asheville Claims Corporation and President, Western Carolina Well Care, Inc. Mr. Miall's academic credentials include a BA in Political Science (pre-law curriculum), from UNC-A and an AS from Montreat-Anderson College among many other educational accomplishments.